Cremation Urns and Keepsakes

Cremation urns and keepsakes hold those who have impacted your life in loving memory.

There is no one way to experience grief. When it comes to bereavement, we all have different timelines and processes. Our unique urns and keepsakes help you keep the cherished memories of your nearest and dearest alive. Whether you are looking for urns for ashes or a keepsake in the form of memorial jewelry, we have you covered.

We also know that it’s not only our human loved ones that are always in our hearts. That’s why we’ve created a range of pet urns specifically for our favourite furry family members. Our animals bring such comfort, joy, and love into our lives — it’s no wonder we want to honour their memory.

Cremation urns near Winnipeg

Supporting the Selkirk community and beyond, our job is to help you journey through your grief in a way that feels meaningful to you.

Cremation urns for a loved one

The shock and sadness of losing someone dear to you is like no other experience on earth.

While you are still grieving, you also have to go through the logistics that come with death, such as organising memorial services and, if you are cremating your loved one, placing their ashes in an urn. We have created our elegant range of funeral urns to help those in mourning navigate this time.

Our selection of remembrance urns includes:

  • Urns with dove design
  • Urns with floral design
  • Urns with butterfly design
  • Urns with heart design

If you prefer wooden urns, we also have a wide range of beautiful options:

  • Wooden cremation urn with eagle design
  • Wooden cremation urn with cross design
  • Cremation boxes with sophisticated trimming

Small urns for cats, dogs, and other pets

We offer pet cremation urns suitable for a range of animals. These small urns are custom-made to commemorate the lives of the four-legged friends that bring so much heart and happiness to your home.

Many veterinarians offer pet cremation, helping you through the grieving process in a way that is as stress-free as possible — a practice gaining popularity in Winnipeg and beyond. As a result, there are also now a number of pet cemeteries and crematoriums. It’s not hard to see why. Our pets are family. We often spend more time with them than we do with most people! They are there with you through life’s ups and downs, providing not only bundles of cuteness, but deep emotional support.

Pet memorials are a great way to acknowledge the joy that your fluffy companion has brought to your life. Choose from our selection of dog urns, cat urns, and other small urns for the ashes of your beloved pet.

Even though your sweet pet may no longer be with you, those cherished memories will last a lifetime.

Cremation jewelry

A keepsake necklace — a mini urn attached to a chain you can wear around your neck — is an ideal way of honouring loved ones. Pendants for ashes are a popular way to keep those indelible memories close to your heart.

Select a design with special significance to your relationship. Our catalogue includes brass and stainless steel cremation necklaces in a range of styles, including:

  • Angel cremation necklace
  • Heart cremation necklace
  • Cross cremation necklace
  • “Forever with me” cremation necklace
  • Swan cremation necklace
  • Jewel cremation necklace
  • Butterfly cremation necklace
  • Tiny feet cremation necklace
  • Birth month cremation necklace

Read on to find the ideal keepsake for your precious memories.

Of course, you can also convert pet ashes into keepsakes. The memories of your beloved pet can be kept close to your heart for years to come.